Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy


     At Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens, spiritual care is provided from the Christian perspective. We believe that God goes with, blesses and makes fruitful the lives of those who are aging. We believe that our residents matter to God and that God matters to them. It is for this reason that the auditorium is transformed into a worship space on Sundays, and the Chaplain’s office is centrally located on our premises.

     At Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens, the day begins, continues and is brought to a close with prayers offered and words of Scripture read at breakfast, lunch and supper. At different times, night or day, the voices of visiting choirs fill the auditorium and adjoining hallways with sounds of music. On Sundays the auditorium becomes a Sanctuary, a holy place where residents gather to worship God. Through the week, our full time chaplain organizes the spiritual activities which take place in our home, visits with and cares for the spiritual well-being of our residents and is available to listen to the concerns of family members.

     Our Chaplain does not do this alone. All of our staff and employees are committed to the spiritual well being of our residents. They will speak spiritual words of encouragement and some will pray with our residents. Staff will alert the Chaplain of a resident’s spiritual need. Together, we are committed to provide good spiritual care.