Shalom Gardens Nursing Care

DEPARTMENT OF NURSING - The primary aim of the Nursing Department of Shalom Gardens is to maximize the independence of each resident and to provide as much support and comfort as possible.

The Department consists of the following levels of staff:

  • The Director of Care who is responsible for the overall operation of the Nursing Department of Shalom Gardens and Shalom Manor.
  • The Care Coordinator who is responsible for the operation of the Nursing Department of the Gardens.  Residents and families are requested to direct their questions and concerns regarding resident care to the Care Coordinator.
  • Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and Resident Care Attendants (RCAs) are also assigned to each floor as required.

RESIDENT INTERNAL TRANSFERS - It is necessary, at times, to transfer or move residents.  If, for example, your health deteriorates, you may require more care and/or supervision, thus necessitating a move to a nursing home that has the resources for your care.

You and/or your designated representative will be contacted prior to a move to explain the reasons necessary for the transfer and to receive your additional input.

All requests for admission to Shalom Manor Long Term Care Home must occur by contacting the CCAC and applying for a room either at Shalom Manor or another long term care home through this process.  Shalom Manor cannot automatically accommodate Gardens residents without the approval of CCAC.  Check with the Care Coordinator for more information.