Legacy Endowment Fund


In 2007 the Board of Directors announced the creation of the SHALOM MANOR LEGACY ENDOWMENT FUND managed by an appointed Endowment Fund Committee responsible to the Board of Directors.  The Fund will allow the future of Shalom Manor to be secure and on a sound financial footing as articulated in the following vision statement:

The Shalom Manor Legacy Endowment Fund will enable Shalom Manor to provide and maintain exceptional quality care and life experience for residents based on our Christian principles.

The SHALOM MANOR LEGACY ENDOWMENT FUND gives our supporters the opportunity to share the gifts of God's people which guarantees the successful future of the Home and its resident focus.  The Legacy Fund permits us to help our seniors in the future through the expansion of our programs to include modelling of best practices, superb nursing care, seniors day programs, and a greater visibility in the community.

The Legacy Endowment Fund is comprised of gifts and bequests held separate from the operation of Shalom Manor.  It is not connected with any charitable donations received from the supporting churches and members.  The SHALOM MANOR LEGACY ENDOWMENT FUND provides a meaningful extension of Biblical stewardship opportunities from members, friends, and associates of the Shalom Manor community as an enabling opportunity for the future protection of the corporation.  The opportunity is available to share gifts in support of the mission, perpetuity and financial sustenance of Shalom Manor.