Environmental Services


     At Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens, we follow a proud tradition of cleanliness. Our team of dedicated staff takes pride in providing a clean, safe and pleasant home for our residents.  Our home is fully secured with beautifully landscaped gardens and a large, enclosed courtyard with seating areas.

     Our personalized approach to living is reflected in the design of our home environments, with each area providing living spaces specifically created to enhance overall quality of life.  The temperature in each room is individually controlled.  All rooms are equipped with telephone, cable and internet outlets and are connected to the nurse-call system for added peace of mind.

     Personal laundry is picked up on a regular basis in the morning and generally returned within 48-hours.  Repairs to clothing are done free of charge for Shalom Manor residents while Shalom Gardens residents (with families) are responsible for their own repairs.  We also employ full time maintenance staff who are responsible for all maintenance and minor repairs in and around our home.

We invite you to come and experience our unique ambiance for yourself.