COVID-19 Infection Control & Universal Masking
COVID-19 Guidance Document - Reference Regarding Symptoms


October 13th, 2020: Outbreak Update

Dear Families

Shalom Manor & Gardens is happy to announce that as of today the outbreak for Shalom Gardens has been declared over!

We are thankful that throughout this outbreak there were no resident cases of COVID-19.

This is a testament to the effectiveness of proper infection control practices and universal masking (see link above), please continue to follow these protocols to make your visit to Shalom Manor & Gardens a safe one.

Visits to the home may resume according to the protocol that was in place prior to the outbreak.

If you have any questions please reach out to / ext. 1108 (Gardens) OR / ext. 1133 (Manor).

Thank you for your continued prayers and support during this time,

The leadership team of Shalom Manor & Gardens


October 3rd, 2020: Outbreak Announcement

Dear Families,

As of today a COVID-19 outbreak has been declared for Shalom Gardens, due to a confirmed symptomatic staff case of COVID-19. This staff member was last in the building on Monday September 28th prior to symptoms developing. The following precautions are in place for Shalom Gardens (Retirement) and at this time do not affect Shalom Manor (LTC) residents;

  • All non-essential visits to the home (indoor and outdoor) and leave of absences from the home have been temporarily suspended.
    • Essential family caregivers are still permitted entry to the building, only one essential family caregiver can visit the resident at a time, each resident is permitted to have up to 2 essential family caregivers designated.
  • All common areas such as the dining room, activity room and courtyard are closed.
  • All activities are suspended until further notice, this includes Church services which will be offered via live streaming.
  • Residents will remain in their room and tray service will be provided for meals.

We are thankful that we do not have any residents displaying symptoms of COVID-19 at this time. We will continue to monitor all residents closely for symptoms, if you have any questions please contact;

  • Gardens: Care Coordinator or RPN on duty at extension 1108.
  • Manor: Director of Resident Care at extension 1133 (Business Hours) OR RN on Duty at extension 1413 (After Hours).

We appreciate your continued prayers and support during this time.


The Leadership Team of Shalom Manor & Gardens
COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions- September 30th, 2020


Where do I find information about Shalom Manor & Gardens visiting policies?

Please review the information posted to the Shalom Manor website if you have any questions, if you still have questions once you have reviewed the information please contact (Manor) or (Gardens)


I am the POA of care for my loved one, does this mean I am automatically the essential family caregiver?

No, although POA’s along with the resident are responsible for designating essential family caregivers POA’s are not automatically added to the list. To be added as an essential family caregiver please contact (Manor) or (Gardens). You will be required to fill out an essential family caregiver agreement and provide a brief description of the support provided.


According to the news I am no longer able to be tested at a testing center, what should I do?

Essential family caregivers and visitors to long term care homes are still able to be tested at testing centers. If the testing center requires proof you may show your nametag (essential family caregivers) or the email confirmation of your visit.


I heard that testing is being offered at pharmacies, are there any pharmacies offering this in the area?

Through this link you can find testing centers in your area:

2 pharmacies in the Niagara region are currently offering COVID-19 testing (St. Catharines and Niagara Falls).


How long is my COVID-19 swab valid for?

14 days from the date of test.

Sept 22, 2020 Update

Dear Families,
Friendly Reminder: As per the Ministry of Health and LTC all visitors coming into the building are required to pass active screening when entering the building. We understand that this can be repetitive and time consuming, however, our priority is keeping COVID-19 out of the home. We ask that you demonstrate patience and kindness towards the screeners at the front door during this process. The screeners have a list of visitors provided to them and are only to allow entrance to visitors who are on that list, they are also unable to answer any questions regarding Shalom Manor & Gardens visiting policies. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the appropriate person as outlined below or the RN on duty at extension 1413. Thank you in advance. 

Please see below for a chart outlining the different types of visits currently taking place at Shalom Manor & Gardens. There are no changes to our policies at this time, this is just a reference guide to clear up any confusion.

Type of Visit

COVID-19 test required?

Personal Protective Equipment Required

Who to Contact

Outdoor Patio Visit



None, however, face coverings are encouraged.

The full time therapeutic programmer on your loved ones home area

Indoor Visit- In Designated visiting area off the unit.



Surgical mask

Book through online booking system found on Shalom’s website (Preferred) or contact reception at extension 1100.

Essential Family Caregiver- Up to 2 per resident, must be designated by resident/POA



Surgical mask + any additional PPE if resident is isolating

Manor: ext. 1133

Gardens: ext. 1108


Essential Visitor for Critically Ill or Palliative Residents



Surgical mask + any additional PPE if resident is isolating

You will be contacted by the RPN or RN on duty if your loved one has a change in condition.

Leave of Absence (LOA) from the home to visit family & friends

Yes- Anyone that the resident will come into close (within 6 feet) contact with while on LOA.

Face Covering-(Resident and the individual taking them out). Masks for residents will be provided by Shalom.

Less than 24 hours: Arranged by RPN/RN on your loved ones home area.

Greater than 24 hours OR Wedding/Funeral/Large Gathering: Contact- Manor: Gardens: carecoordgardens@

Please note: Surgical masks must be worn over mouth and nose at all times while in the home.

Sept 4, 2020 Update

 Visiting, Essential Family Caregivers & Leave of Absences

Dear Families,

We are thankful for the opportunities we have had thus far to welcome visitors to Shalom Manor & Gardens and are grateful that we have not had any resident cases of COVID-19 within the home. Thank you to all of our visitors and essential family caregivers for diligently following the policies and procedures we have in place. Your commitment to keeping our residents, staff and other visitors safe and healthy does not go unnoticed. Information related to visiting has been sent to POA’s via email, if you are a Power of Attorney for care and are not on this list please contact reception at extension 1100. Please note that there are continued requirements for active screening of all visitors and COVID-19 testing, due to this you must follow the policies outlined in this email when planning and booking your visit to the home. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate walk in visitors at this time, with the exception of essential family caregivers. Below you can find visiting guidelines for the various types of visitors & caregivers at Shalom Manor & Gardens.

Visitor Education: All visitors and essential family caregivers must review education on proper PPE use and proper hand washing prior to their next visit to the home, this information can be found here:, copies are also available at reception.  A short video on proper hand washing can be found at

Outdoor Visits: Arranged through the full time Therapeutic Programmer on your loved ones home area and occur on the patio. A COVID-19 test is not required for this visit, however, visitors are encouraged to wear a face covering.

Indoor Visits: These are booked through the online booking system (preferred method-see below) or by contacting reception at extension 1100. These visitors must; attest that they have tested negative for COVID-19 within the previous 14 days and not subsequently tested positive, keep a safe physical distance at all times from the resident and wear a surgical mask over mouth and nose which will be provided by the home. These visits are 45 minutes in length, each resident can have 1 indoor visit per week.

Online booking system links
Please note: Each unit has their own link, please select the appropriate one.

Orchards- (Visit takes on 1st floor across from elevator lobby)

Sunrise- (Visit takes place on 2nd floor elevator lobby)

Terraceview- (Visit takes place on 3rd floor elevator lobby)

Lakeview- (Visit takes place on the 4th floor elevator lobby)

Mapleview- (Visit takes place in the Mapleview family room)

Gardens- (Visit takes place in the Gardens elevator lobby)

Essential Family Caregivers: An essential family caregiver is someone designated by the resident/SDM who will provide support to the resident in an aspect of their care. This support could include assistance with an activity of daily living, cognitive stimulation, emotional connection or assistance with decision making. Previous communication sent out regarding this indicated that each resident could have one essential family caregiver. Following recent recommendations from the ministry of health Shalom has decided to increase this to two designated individuals, one caregiver can attend to the home at a time. It is the sole responsibility of the resident or their substitute decision maker to designate these individuals. Essential family caregivers will need to attest to a negative COVID-19 result within the previous 14 days at each visit, must wear a surgical mask at all times and maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from all other residents and staff (this does not include the resident you are intended to visit). POA/SDM: To add yourself to the list or designate another individual please contact ext. 1133 (Manor-LTC) or ext. 1108 (Gardens-Retirement home) to complete waiver and provide a description of support that will be provided.

Leave of Absences: Residents are now permitted short stay absences from the home to visit family and friends between the hours of 7am and 11pm, a waiver must be signed prior to the LOA. The individual taking the resident out of the home must attest that all people the resident will come into close contact with (within 6 feet) have tested negative for COVID-19 within the previous 14 days and not subsequently tested positive. Masks must be worn by all present, including the resident, at this time residents will be permitted one LOA per week. Please speak with the Registered Nurse on duty at extension 1413 or the RPN to schedule an outing with your loved one. Leave of absences greater than 24 hours: Residents are required to self-isolate for 14 days following an absence greater than 24 hours. In addition, if the home enters an outbreak while the resident is on an overnight absence the resident cannot be re-admitted to the home until the outbreak is lifted, in this situation the care of the resident would fall to the family- this is direction from the Ministry of Health and LTC. These requests will be assessed based on resident’s ability to safely self-isolate following the LOA. In addition, attendance at a large gathering such as a wedding or funeral may result in 14 days of self-isolation for the resident. To request an LOA greater than 24 hours, or to request to have your loved one attend a large gathering please contact; 1133 (Manor-LTC) or 1108 (Gardens-Retirement home). When you come and pick your loved one up please wait by the front doors and the unit staff will bring the resident down.

Visitors for Critically Ill or Palliative Residents: Critically ill or palliative residents may have up to 2 visitors per day, these individuals may visit separately or together and may change from day to day. If death is imminent or has occurred exceptions to this policy will be made.

Please note that non-compliance with Shalom Manor & Gardens policies may result in discontinuation of visits to the home for the non-compliant visitor. As always, please self-screen and do not come to the home if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 and/or if you or any of your close contacts have travelled outside of Canada within the previous 14 days or been in contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19. Shalom is not able to provide COVID-19 testing to visitors and essential family caregivers. Should the home enter an outbreak we will take guidance from local public health units on the management of visiting and essential family caregivers.

We are thankful to continue to welcome visitors to Shalom Manor & Gardens and recognize the importance of loved ones on our resident’s health and wellbeing. We look forward to continuing to reunite residents with their families and loved ones, hope to see you soon!


The Leadership Team of Shalom Manor & Gardens



Monday, April 13 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  Are all staff being tested?  
A.  We are holding testing opportunities for staff, twice a month, and staff are encouraged to take advantage of having testing done on site.  

Q.  When did staff start wearing PPE?
A.  Staff were always required to wear full PPE (masks, gloves and gowns) when performing care procedures for residents being monitored and in isolation in their rooms due to exhibiting symptoms. Beginning on April 3rd all staff were required to wear facial masks during the entirety of their shifts in the home areas.

Q.  Is there enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
A.  The short answer is yes, we have enough PPE. We monitor our PPE usage daily and have resources in place for any PPE that may be deemed critical. These resources include direct contacts with our nursing supply vendor, Niagara Public Health and the Ministry of Long-Term Care.  We are very thankful for the volunteer work done by many to make fabric face masks as well.

Q.  Have staff screening been enhanced?
A.  Enhanced staff screening has been in place since March 14th. All staff are required to self-monitor at home before coming to Shalom Manor. Upon arrival they can only enter work through the front door and are required to go through active screening.

Q.  Are temperatures being taken twice per day?
A.  Yes, both residents and staff are required to have their temperatures taken twice per day. Staff temperatures are taken at the beginning and the end of their shifts. Resident temperatures are taken once in the morning and once in the evening.